The start of my journey

I couldn’t find one single adjective that would explain me, so let my name become a new adjective which describes a person who is Curious, Analytical, Rational, Inspiring, Trusted and Adaptable. That’s what I am: CARITA.

One sunny day in spring 2015 was life changing for me. I was in the middle of professional frustration and seriously thinking, whether the things that I am doing as my profession are the right ones. I have always been very enthusiastic in anything that I do – but I had lost that flow and feeling.


Just a couple of months earlier I had started to understand what is really meant by user-driven solutions. I had thought that I have an idea, but then I understood that I really had no clue. My curioisity was awaken.

I have always been very analytical, math oriented and pragmatic. I loved TOGAF and CMMi, because they have ”all the answers”, the only thing I need to do is to apply them. I had done everything very precisly – both at home and at work: e.g. my towels are in piles according to their colour. But the other half of me has always been intuitive, practical, full of ideas and inventive solutions. I love workshop fasilitation because the best and most usable and practical solutions are made together: anybody can read a lot of information but no  single person can carry all the experiences that a group of people hold. That’s why the best solutions are made together.

The next phase in my thinking was a regret that I had studied engineering instead of user-centric approach. Why didn’t I understand this earlier? I could have selected my studies differently. And the final phase in my thinking was: it is never too late!

And that’s how this journey began!


I’m right now studying Service Design in Master’s Thesis program in Laurea University of Applied Sciences. By combining my very strong ICT background with Service Design knowledge I have all the abilities to become one of the best service designers. My target is to create service solutions which will change the world.

Digitalization is not a threat – it’s a chance.

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