Who is Carita


From professional point of view I am an experienced ICT specialist in areas of process development, information modelling, data management, requirements engineering, functional specifications in agile projects and enterprise architecture. I also love group process facilitation and training. I have worked in projects in the field of banking, product creation of mobile technologies and internet service business, health care service architectures and   e-services in public sector.

Now I am studying Service design to widen my abilities to create services which are designed for people. Services that can change the world. We need to DIGITIZE for BETTER FUTURE for ALL.

You can find me in LinkedIn ja follow me in Twitter.


I am a mother of three and live in a reconstruction era house in Tampere. In my garden you can find some berry bushes, apple trees, vegetables and a chicken coop  :D. There is also a smaller building with a traditional sauna. Lake Pyhäjärvi is located nearby and there I have an old wooden boat for spending relaxing days on the lake. Our two dogs love boating and fishing!

When not at home or boating I am most probably snorkelling, body pumping or playing guitar in a rock band.


After starting this blog I was asked about the origin of my name. And I found great descriptions of Carita and caritas in Urban Dictionary – and I really love them!

The most beautiful, kind, amazing and perfect woman on the face of the Earth.
We can’t all be Carita.
#beautifu #l kind #amazing #perfect #woman

a word literally meaning eternal love, unconditional love, God’s love. It is a place, a philosophy, that makes people bond. you share about you, and you listen to others. It is the best place in the world. It is the closest to heaven I have ever been.


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