I found me – inside Tschimmel’s article

One of the first lectures I had at Laurea was Design Thinking. As a prework we had to read an article written by Katja Tschimmel about Desing Thinking as an effective toolkit for innovation. And inside the article I finally found me! You can believe that it was a huge thing to happen  🙂

For my whole life I have had a dilemma of being really good at most of the things that I do, but not really belonging to anywhere. I have too often been ”the different one”. When working and talking with very engineering oriented people my solutions seem to be too practical, too innovative and too sensitive. When working and talking with more human oriented or design centric people my thinking is easily considered too analytical, too theoretical and too pragmatic.

My own view is, that my thinking and solutions have been there between those two approaches. I am the “middleware” sharing their  languege so I can talk with both of them while very often the engineering people and human centric people don’t have a clue what the other one is talking about. Anyway the very common feeling has been – or at least that’s how I have felt – that my thinking is different, sometimes even weird.


But in her article, Katja Tschimmel explained the forms of Logical reasoning and that the key to Design Thinking is abductive reasoning (oh how much I love that word ❤ ). An abductive thinker is explained to be AT THE SAME TIME analytical and emphatic, rational and emotional, methodical and intuitive, constrain-oriented and spontaneous.

I had to read that chapter many times. Because it described me. I had found me!
That was an exact description about how I think and act. I figured out that it’s not only okay to think that way but in service design that kind of thinking is exactly the way to think.

And since that moment I have been convinced that my enthusiams toward Service Design and my decision to become one of the bests in this field is the best choice I have ever made.


Design Thinking is a way of  thinking which leads to transformation, evolution and innovation, new forms of living and to new ways of managing business. All that is essential for surviving over ditazion. By using this human centric approach we can build a great future. Together.

You can find my summary of Tschimmel’s article in Prezi.


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