My new workshop facilitation kit

I totally renewed my facilitation kit. It took a week or two to find “right” contents for it. To be honest, it’s a lot of fun to walk around the stores and look for interesting but useful items: anything that could be used to help people work and innovate together. Something that feeds people’s imagination through all senses – colours, scents, stories, pictures and some playfulness. To help people to think out-of-the-box.

So what did I find?

  • some kids’ playing cards – those are very useful for making groups, getting started or to speak about difficult issues in other context
  • a lot of picture cards – also useful for making groups and getting to know each other
  • memory cards and match cards – perfect for making pairs and getting to know each other
  • some kid’s problem cards – those can be used e.g. as inspiration cards in interviews
  • markers with scents – why should markers be only for writing? Scented markers also boost imagination. Those are one of my biggest treasures in this kit!
  • story cubes – to boost story telling which is useful in many phases of the workshop
  • a call bell – to ring when the time is out
  • a horn – to use when I need some extra attention (I found a pink one!)
  • a set of lovely boxes – to keep the pens, post-its, stickers and other small items

I totally love my new kit because it’s full of colours and interesting items.


One of the hardest things was to find a bag or a briefcase for my items. I did not want to have a formal one – it needed to be something which looks inspiring and attracts curiosity. Like a magic box that holds the spirit of the worksop. Finally I found this briefcase which is full of colours and looks magical 🙂


The only thing that was still missing was the tube for flip chart papers. I had a workshop next day and didn’t have time to go shopping so I had to think how to make one. Luckily I found a cardboard tube and some black paint. I cut the tube to convenient length and painted it black … but I still needed the covers to both ends. After a long search for any usable items at home I got it: I cut rounds from foam, painted them with gold metal paint and added a button to the center of each to make it easier to remove them from the tube. Now I have perfect tube for papers, too!

I love my new kit – I’m sure that my workshoppers will love that too ❤


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