I attended Ilkka Kurkela’s lecture in Digital Service Business some weeks ago. I need to say that I admire his excitement to the topic and how he can pass his experience to others.

During my new journey – to become one of the best Service Designers – I have had to redefine many of my values. Lately I have been forced to make such choices that I had never imagined I have to. Especially in the evenings my conscience has been asking if my choices have been right and fair. My answer has been weak ”yes”. Untill now.

My key takeaway from the lecture was this Triangle of Courage.
(note the heart shape inside of the triangle!)


One of the corners is Focus, meaning that you need to concentrate and choose your focus. There is a whole lot happening out there, you simply cannot be part of everything. You need to focus.

One of the base corners is Think, meaning that you should be to open to new ways of thinking, to adjust to your surroundings and not to be stuck in your old ways of thinking. Always be ready to rethink your world.

The other base corner is People. You have to choose your people. Find such people who can take you forward, who will stay by your side and who will help you to achieve your goals. You are allowed to choose the people that you keep in your life.

Being able to do all above is called Courage. Courage to do what you love. Courage to be your extraordinary self.

So next time when my conscience starts to make me restless due to my choices I have my answers ready: my choices have been right and I am proud of myself because I had the courage to make those choices. I have had to – and I am allowed to – make those choices to be able to do what I love.

I will continue my journey with a smile in my face, this triangle of courage in my heart and Paulo Coelho’s words in my mind.

“Braveness is not the absence of fear but rather the strength
to keep on going forward despite of the fear”

– Paulo Coelho


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