Do what you love

When you start doing what you love instead on what you have to, it will change your life totally. Good things start to happen to you. How and why, I don’t know and just now I don’t even care. Right now I’m just flying with it.

When I started my journey, it was just an intuition. A way to go because my heart said so. I didn’t know where it takes me to but I had to try. I took my first steps very carefully without risks. Because I didn’t have courage to stop doing ”what I have to”. But I’m so glad that I took the first steps – without those I would never be where I currently am: happy and doing what I love to  🙂

The ”big” thing was to start studying Service Design after a long history in ICT. It’s funny how new incredible and eye-opening things are just popping up on my way. At first I found myself in Tschimmel’s article  and understood why I was different in pure ICT world – it was a very relieving moment to read that it’s  not only “ok” but also great to think like I do. Soon I got to know great Service Design professionals and everytime I feel like home with them. I have no need to try to fit into some formula which is not me anymore.

Because I learn by doing and  repeating the process I have participated some extra study related activities. Each of those has been taking me to do some things that I thought I never have a chance to. And while going forward I keep getting advice and support right  when I need it.

Just a couple of weeks ago in Digital Service class I heard about Kyla Mitsunaga and saw the video below. In the first three minutes of the video she explains what happened to her and how she understood the importance of listening to yourself of what you really want to do with your life. The importance of being yourself eventhough it sometimes feels like you don’t fit in the society because you are not like others want you to be.

I am currently trying to productize a service innovation which was created in Professional Summerschool 2016. That is definitely something I never imagined to happen. I’m walking my path through lean start-up which I have been reading about but never tried in practise. I have a puzzle to solve but I don’t even have all the pieces in my hands. It seems that around every corned I keep finding new pieces to my puzzle just by being me and doing what I love.

And what I love, is to utilize digitalization to ease our everyday life – not only for commercial purposes but to enable caring and humanity in our busy and schedule oriented lives.

2 thoughts on “Do what you love

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Carita,
    OMG! Thank you so much for writing about me and the selfie video I created for you and your classmates. It was really inspiring to read how you want to “do what you love.” Absolutely go for it. I would love to re-post this on my FB page and tag you. Would that be alright? Please do keep in touch with me! ❤

    Wishing you happiness,


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